We offer a complete 360 degrees service to help you self-publish. All you need to do is to start writing and we will do the background hard work for you.


Let us usher you in a whole new world and you'll find out that it is as easy as 123.


Designing your book cover and more.

What we offer is a cutting edge design, look and feel of your book design. From the cover design to the inside page design look and feel to pagination and typography. 


Getting you an International Standard Book Number.

It is important to know that for your book to have an internationl renown and befound on the world's library, an ISBN is an important tool and vital to protect your work too.


Creating a mini webpage that will host your book and sales.

A vital tool that will allow you to put your book out there. This website will have all your social medial intergration as well as a facility to sell the book directly to the public.


Creating materials to jumpstart your book.

We will put together marketing materials for your book advertisng and the book launch. This will include banners, social media, newsletter and more to help you start off.

The cost we offere, the service we provide and the work quality is beyond comparison. Just try us. 

By John Smith posted July 20, 2016

Self-publishing can be quite a mission if you don't have the right support and knowledge of the journey you're about to embark on. That's where we step in to be your light throughout that journey. In order for us to give you proper cost of your journey, we require some few details from you thus helping us to give an estimate of the overall cost. With a team of experts, all in their respective fields, we stand to give not just a final destination end result but also an experience and a friendship. This is what we need from you:

Your manuscript 
The book title and your ideas on the cover look (if you don't have, we will put together samples for you)
Do you require printing? what's the quantity. We only start from a minimum of 100 copies
Is your book already edited and proof read? regardless, we still go through your manuscript before going ahead
Do you have a distribution channel?
Social media footprint
What is your timetable for the book first copy


Choosing the cover design is of uttermost importance as this is the mirror, and we have an entire team of designers, marketing and advertising gurus to work on your book to ensure you get the right look, using both photography and original artwork. Designing is an art and your cover is a prime property by us that why we invest enough time thinking, planning and projeting over your book cover. Book marketers and bookstores tend to stay away, clear from books that look self-published, so it is important to have a professional-looking cover.

Expect to pay anything between R1500 to R3000 for a professional looking cover design and this can be more depending on the design requirement from the author.

We create client-specific design options and works with the author until we create the perfect look for your book.We often recommend authors to go to a bookshop and spend some time familiarising with design layout options and look and feel and get a feel for current trends. You will discover that every look don't work for everyone or every book. Your boo title can be the determining factor to choose a certain look and fee of the book. However, in today's world, versatility has become a functional feng shui and you can find that the most abstract look that applies for fiction book or politic or cooking working for you.


Once the design has been agreed on, layout, or actually placing the copy, is a time-consuming process because each line needs to be spaced properly, and bad breaks and widows and orphans eliminated etc. Once final copy agreed on and approved and you require changes, you'll be paying an hourly rate for thos corrections. 

Our book design prices will range from R700 to R1500 for Novels and Self-help books and from R1750 to R2350 for Educational books for a book page ranging from 0-200 pages. Our hourly rate is R480. Expect to pay anything between R20 to R35 per page for Novel and Self-help books, and R40 to R80 per page for Educational books. Note that all this is depending on the complexity of your book.

We offer ISBN free of charge for all our authors whitin the borders of south africa and for those outside the borders a charge is applied. The barcode is also generated a cost for all without exception. The International Standard Book Number is your ticket to own the title so there is no duplicates on the market and put's your book on the international serach market.

Expect to pay R380 to R450 for your barcode.

The minimum quanity required is 100 copies. It is important you know that working on your book requires time, patience and kknowldge of what is happneing. We always keep authors aware of various exercise thus eliminating frustration, stress and anxiety. Printing your book proprely requires a minimum of 14 working days (not counting weekends and holidays). We have a wide variety of printers we work with to ensure you get a proper price and good end result.

Note: your printing cost per 1000 books may vary from R25 to R35 each on a working lead time of 14 working day to R60 to R80 for a lead time less than 14 working day. Single proof copy will cost you an average of R80

You might want to print your own book, in that case with supply you with the print ready version according to your printer of choice requirement and specification. It is important you contact your printer to get all relevant settings they might need.

We offer eBook version for most platform and online selling platforms. Expect to pay anything between R1350 to R2500 for your eBook creation. We offer distribution on most online selling platform and that cost can vary between R3000 to R4500 as a package.

We always require a 50% deposit of the overall cost before engaging on any project and and balance on completion of the project and before delivery of any material (ditial or print).


This is a standard overview quote list if you don't have any specific request.

        Manuscript evaluation (this optional but we recommend it if you're serious about publishing)

        Editing (depending on the quality of your writing, style and texture)

        Artwork commissioning (if applicable)

        Book design and typesetting

        Cover design and makeup

        ISBN application and barcode generation

        Insertion of copyright


        Printing method (litho or digital printing and/or ebook creation)


We partner with the best in the industry to make every bok project a pleasurable experience to the Author and to us.


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